Hello dear friend,

Perhaps you have stumbled across this blog quite by accident, or just maybe you found it by seeking out another broken-hearted soul—such as yourself… Whatever the case, I sincerely hope your time spent here will be worthwhile. 

In the aftermath of my daughter’s tragic death, I recall scouring the worldwide web for any glimmer of understanding or instruction. I remember thinking, “I don’t know how to do this…. I have never done this before.” I went about in such a daze, that I literally depended on others to tell me what to do and when to do it. The feeling of complete loss and defeat was so overpowering, that nothing seemed to serve any logical purpose in life—not even eating or sleeping. Time meant nothing. And yet, the clocks kept ticking, and there were duties to be done. 

This is a blog about grief—a mother’s grief to be exact. My precious 19 year old daughter, Josie, passed from this world on February 6 of 2017. It was the darkest, coldest winter night I have ever known. Instantly, she joined countless others who have also lost their lives at the merciless hands of drunk and intoxicated drivers.

These writings are mere “fragments” of thoughts and emotions that, only now, I am able to painstakingly spell out… They are largely inadequate at describing the depth of pain and sorrow that continues to linger. Quite simply—there are no words for this.

In sharing these very raw, and largely unfiltered fragments, hopefully a way forward will begin to emerge. With great faith in my God, I trust He will one day make right this terrible wrong. Until then, I will be forever grieving—my longing for Josie has only intensified with each passing day. 

A fragmented heart is all I have left. Random as my thoughts may seem—they simply are what they are for now. Hopefully they will serve their purposes here. I do not claim to have any answers, only experiences. 

Please, take what you can, and ignore the rest. 

With much love,

Michelle, “proud mother of four.”