And just like that, they are gone.

Silently, they slip through our fingers.

Desperately, we try to hold on,

But Spirit tells us that they are bound to another….

Souls of the great beyond, it calls to them.

With gasps, clenched hearts and soggy eyes, we bravely help them through the door.

It is not our wish, for we would hold them here forever,

But we know deep down that it cannot be so…

Our blessing we give that their journey will be most fruitious,

And their blessing they leave—a promise that they are only a whisper away.


(In special memory of my most cherished friend, Lori. You will be sorely missed… I do not doubt that you will search for my baby girl on the other side—just like you said you would!! What comfort that brings to my soul! I know you will love on her for me, and just as promised, my heart and prayers will forever hold a space for your precious daughters that you have left behind!!! Until we meet again, sweet sister. Our God is sooo very good!!!! 💛🙏🏼💛)

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