We’ll warm the tea pot, and ready the matés—

When you come home.

While our favorite treats bake, filling the air with laughter—

When you come home.

We’ll make some music, as we dance all around—

When you come home.

You’ll create quite a ruckus with brothers and sister—

When you come home,

And I’ll shout one last time, “Please keep it down!!!”

When you come home.


Until then…

I’ll wander these halls of dust and gloom—

Tripping over the past, as I search for the new.

I’ll keep the fire burning—

These shades are drawn just right,

As I attempt to clear the countertops,

And crumbs up off the floor.

All is waiting in its place…

Your shoes lay by the door.

Well-worn books lined up in a row—

Resting just the way you left them.

A cozy spot, for you to sit,

And curl up, and relax in…

I’ll be counting sunsets, awaiting the day—

That You Come Home.


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