I often cry, when I realize you will never see me grow old and gray—you would have loved teasing me about my white strands of hair that are slowly popping up!!!

I miss you so much, when I rise in the morning to the sound of chirping birds outside my window and the gentle, morning sunlight filtering through the trees.

I forget what it was like to enjoy life fully, after enduring a Fourth of July celebration that now has no bang. Believe me—I tried…

I dismiss thoughts daily of what this life will never be, when I see your Marines continue forward—promotions, careers, love, marriage and children…

I do my best to not envy all the other happy MoMs, when photos appear that their Marines have finally made it home…

I ache to hold you close and shower you with kisses, when I gaze each day at your image in those well-earned dress blues.

I keep on going each and every mile, when inside, all I really want to do is quit—I’m so very tired…

I breathe deep again and again, when my pain is so much greater than words could ever describe.

I run and run and run and run, when the shadow of death tries to smother me from behind…

But I hear your calm voice play out inside my head, when I’m lost and confused and don’t know what to do.

And when I remember your tremendous example of mental and physical fortitude, I desire to be strong and tough and brave—Just like you.

2 thoughts on “I Miss You So Much

  1. Beautiful 💗 my eyes are wet and my heart aches for you and other friends who have lost so much. I want you all to have hugs and loves from your children. I know the joy will be so great when that time comes for you but I have no way to comfort you until then. May our Heavenly Father hold you close all the day and nights long! 💗 Until you meet again at Jesus’ feet.

    1. I love you sooo very much, my sweet friend. I know you would absolutely take our pain away if you could… I feel the same way about all my other friends that are suffering from the same kind of heartache. It’s not easy, but we got each other, and our angels got us, and God’s got us, so we gonna be ok!!!! It just hurts. Thank you so very much for ALWAYS reaching out… You are an amazing and priceless friend!!!!! 🤍🙏🏼🤍

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