If I could change a thing or two…

I’d go back to the day before, and do things differently…

I’d take more time to smile, and talk more tenderly.

I’d sit a little longer, when you were by my side,

And laugh a little harder at the silly world passing by.

To go back to the day before, I’d hug you more snuggly in my arms,

And listen more earnestly to all your concerns.

I’d hold your gaze for a moment longer,

And grip your precious hands in mine a whole lot stronger…

I’d stop the clock and stay awhile—as we passed the time in sweet nothingness…

Going back to “the day before,” and all the things I miss,

Is like going back to tomorrow, and seizing all life’s bliss!

Each new day, I will try my best to smile a little brighter…

Gaze a little longer… and hug a little tighter,

As I endeavor to laugh a little harder,

Listen with more intent, and stop to stay awhile!

For Tomorrow is as Today—which is nearly gone….

And the moments to be treasured are here—but they are almost done…

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