“Forget Me Not,” these are the words she carefully stitched onto a little piece of cloth and then presented to me many years ago. The tiny banner now hangs tenderly on our wall—even though the reminder is far from necessary. My darling, dear one, will NEVER be forgotten!!!

In fact, the life she lived is replete with memories and treasures worth preserving for the eternities. Some may find it helpful to tuck such tokens of loved ones away in the secret places of their hearts, only to be peaked at on certain occasions or seasons, and that is okay. As for me, I prefer to live and breathe in the essence of Josie’s legacies of kindness and love— continually and intentionally. Some might ask or wonder if this hurts too much, and I would respond, “Yes, it hurts.” However, I find her life’s work too precious and valuable of an experience and history to bury in the sunken corners of my mind and heart…

For those who were privileged enough to really know Josie deeply, there is a sense of honor to have been a part of her relatively short, but very dynamic life. She did not waste a minute of it! With her highly active mind, hands, and pure heart, her legacy continues even now, as she lends her time, talents, and love to assist and uplift everyone within her reach—both here and there…

It is customary in our culture to not speak of the deceased except under very hushed tones, as if we would offend those who are left grieving. Nothing brings me greater joy than to hear new stories about my precious child… Some things are simply not meant to be forgotten. Her life was relevant then, and it continues to be relevant now!!!

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