Though this was not our last performance together, it would be the last one ever recorded…

Click on the following to listen: Libertango by Astor Piazolla—performed by Josie and Michelle

Josie’s music was always a bit intense…. She often looked mad when she played—even when she was a little girl. Fast and furious was her style!!! One of her favorite violinists was Nadja Solerno Sonnenberg, so go figure. This recording captures her passion quite well. Though we have the performance on video, the sound quality is not as great.

Just two months before her death…our family from left to right: Josie, her little sister Maya, me, her Pápi Victor, and baby Will.
Josie and her “little” bro, Julian—one was never without the other!!!

This senior recital would not have been possible without her… From helping me format and print the programs, to helping me secure rehearsal space, to watching her baby brother while I practiced, to participating in the performance itself and also being my stage manager (along with her brother, Julian!), to giving me great big “reassurance” hugs backstage in between pieces… Josie has always been my angel through and through—hands down!!! This last performance together was in fact our senior recital, since she never lived to perform her own. Her junior recital was already well in the works to take place just months after she died—a day that never came for my sweet girl. How glorious the heavens must sound now…

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