Uninvited Guest is a small piece I composed several months after Josie’s passing. It took me at least that long to even want to touch my guitar again. Playing something new was far more comforting than playing old, familiar tunes with their own pre-existing memories. As the name implies, a most abhorrent and grotesque party-crasher came hurling his way into the midst of our most sacred and treasured family unit…Broken and defeated as we might feel, we continue to cling to all that is life and light. 🌈

10 thoughts on “Uninvited Guest

  1. My Michelle, I hear you and I feel your exquisite pain and sense of loss. You have been given the gift of expression through music and writing. Your great faith and courage are my inspiration. Thank you for not hiding your light under a bushel basket. The Lord has many tender mercies waiting for you along the way back home to Him. He will bless you and us through your shining example. 💓

  2. Michelle, I’m a old friend of your mother, Robin. We had been out of contact for a long time and she told me about your tragedy. I would enjoy learning about your daughter, her life, her childhood, teen years – all of that. Could you consider telling some of her stories?

    1. It’s very nice to meet you, Dan. I am only too happy and willing to share as many stories about Josie’s blessed life as I possibly can. I’m afraid it will have to come in bits and pieces, though. Thank you for asking to hear more… ❄️Michelle

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