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When Nobody Cares

My son would often tell me, “Ma, nobody really cares.” How my heart would weep at his matter-of-fact statement, but I knew he was right. Nobody really cares…

He was not feeling sorry for himself. He just had a healthy and accurate sense of his own purpose in the overall grand scheme. He had no ego.

But life is hard… And the struggles are REAL!!!! And it is often lonely. And it is frequently more than we think we can bear….

The hard truth? Very few care.

The other grand truth? As soon as we realize this simple fact of life, the happier we will be.

However, I do care. Most of you reading this care—very deeply!!!! And my Boi cared… A LOT.

I know, because he would tell me.

This is a good thing, to care.

It is good.

This is good.

When the world fails us—which it ALWAYS will—we must not fail each other. Most importantly, though, we must not fail ourselves. When others cease to care, we will continue…

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