You were supposed to come home again, and help me figure this all out…

Little Brother’s growing fast, and he needed you—his life throughout!!!

He talks of you each passing day with sadness in his heart; repeatedly he says, “I miss my brother….”

Somehow, I’ll manage to help him get along, but nobody can replace what is a Big Brother!!!!!

You were supposed to come back, and size-up all the boys for her….

Those ones that don’t quite measure up—next to Little Sister….

You said you’d blow their knees out, then chase them with a shotgun…

Not sure if I can follow suit, or barely make them run!!!

Now left here to make all these choices, I hope and pray she’ll find her way…

Oh, my Boi, you were supposed to be here, to help fill this empty home…

We walk around in circles each day, and never quite know where to go….

And your Pápi seems to have withered away, you’d barely recognize him now…

His hopes and dreams, One by One, were buried in the ground….

You were supposed to be here, my sweet, most precious Son.

And I know I’m being selfish, and I know that you’re ok.

I know that you stand with me, every single day….

But you were supposed to be here—at least, that was the plan

You were supposed to be here—not there!!! My mighty, courageous young man…..

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